About Us

Having spent 17 years of his life in the Dadaab Refugee Camp, one of the largest refugee camps in the world, our Executive Director and founding member Alishine Osman experienced firsthand how tough it is to relocate to the United States. Alishine learned faced challenges with a new language and new culture. After experiencing issues in the workplace due to being unable to speak English well, he realized learning English as a second language was a must and decided to make the necessary resources readily available to help other immigrants coming to this country. Together, with the help of mentors and volunteers, we make learning English and American history easier, so passing a citizenship test is within your reach.

Through passion, education, commitment, and providing resources in the area, we are able to work with many non-profits, churches, and other organizations to help connect communities to help transform lives. We currently collaborate with government agencies, health services providers, ESL education, culture education, mentoring services, and after-school programs for kids. Together, we can bridge the gap between agencies while providing resources for both the refugees and immigrant community. We are located in Mechanicsburg, but our services extend to many other locations throughout Pennsylvania, including Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, Colonial Park, Lancaster, Carlisle and the surrounding areas.